26 Cat Prints in one book - Whimsical Whiskers, Kalleidoscape Art from A to Z

Have you ever seen a cat in a bubble bath? Or a cat playing the piano?

Now you can in this picture book of 26 bright watercolor cat characters that follow the alphabet from A to Z. With witty rhymes along the way you'll want to read this with children and also enjoy the colorful fluffy paintings.

Whimsical Whiskers is for parents, children, cat lovers, aspiring artists, and anyone who needs a bit of feline fun!


We've loved putting together this fun and clever book of Kelly's best cat paintings. Her sister Heidi wrote the rhymes to add a bit more personality to the characters. 

We hope this will become an heirloom gift for your family to enjoy together. It's a great gift idea for baby showers, birthdays, a new kitty, or any reason to share how wonderful cats are.

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