What's The Perfect New Year's Gift? Not What You Think.

Are you burned out on buying gifts for the Holidays? Most of us have spent enough money on Christmas gifts and now we're done. It's time to save up and pay off our holiday debt.

But there is one last holiday to celebrate - New Year's Day! 

I always like to take a gift to the hostess of the New Year's party I'm attending. Also, giving a gift that didn't arrive in time for Christmas doesn't seem special unless you wait until New Year's Eve to surprise someone with it. You actually look like you planned it that way from the start.

So, what's the perfect gift for the new year? Our calendar, of course.

A calendar is the gift that keeps on giving. Everyday, our calendar greets you with the cutest, big-eyed cats to warm your heart and give you a smile. It's a little piece of watercolor art for those who love cats. It's so practical, too.

Kalleidoscape wall calendar

This year we have two calendar designs. Our second published desk calendar and our first wall calendar. Each has it's own set of 12 cat designs coordinating with the month it's with. We've taken great care in creating these for you and they are high quality products.

Set a New Year's goal to get a calendar for the New Year!


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