Kalleidoscape Design Can Help You Give The Perfect Cat-Lover Gifts.


You love your cats so we want to inspire fluffy cat owners the world over by offering great gift ideas and many ways to enjoy our heart-warming art.


Our blog posts will be a watercolor cat cornucopia overflowing with:

  • product suggestions
  • mock-up photos
  • picture framing DIY skills
  • and more helpful tips.

We'll also be sharing watercolor painting techniques for would-be artists.


We love our cats, too. They are essential to making our home life calmer, happier, and fluffier. 

Our cats, Kirk, Ollie, and Yuki are the inspiration for Kelly's watercolor paintings. She learned character design in animation school and created round-eyed, puffy and fluffy cats with big personalities.

Kelly's watercolor style involved a lot of practice to create that signature fluffy fur. She painted daily and created hundreds of cats. 

Small Business Success

We've enjoyed your support so much and want to give back to anyone interested in a similar art print-on-demand style of business. We will share our insights and successes so far in our pursuit of spreading cat joy.

Stay tuned,

Kelly & Crew


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