Start Making Money with Your Art on Etsy

How we make money painting whimsical watercolor cats.

We're a mother/daughter team that's been successful on Etsy. Kelly, (daughter) loves to paint with watercolors because of the loose and casual style. That's the kind of style she chose for her cat art. Kelly also has a background in character design from studying animation. She combined those skills and created a ton of cat paintings using our cats as models. Jo, (mother) is also an artist but uses her entrepreneurial background to set up the print-on-demand part of the business.

Kelly started painting watercolor cats during the pandemic. Our family needed a second source of income because our pet sitting business was earning next to nothing as all of our clients weren't leaving their homes. We were broke.

Selling Kelly's art on Etsy was an easy decision. And it was easy to set up. Also, selling print copies of her original art was the way to keep down the price and allow everyone to be able to afford her paintings. 

We now feel successful enough that we can share with you how we grew our art print business on Etsy! It's been so difficult to earn money for our family and we know so many people are in the same situation. We hope you'll come to our blog and learn how to create this income for yourself.

What we'll be sharing:

1- Painting:
  • How we decided what art would sell.
  • How Kelly set up her studio for the best light
  • Watercolor techniques anyone can learn 
2- Making digital files:
  • Taking photos of the paintings
  • Editing the photos
  • Uploading the files
3- Setting up our Etsy shop:
  • Choosing a name
  • Making listings
  • Determining a price
4- Using Print On Demand:
  • Syncing our shop with Printify
  • Designing products for Kelly's art
  • Building lots of product listings
5- Social Media Marketing:
  • What apps we use
  • How to make a video
  • How we went viral (a few times)
6- Customer Service:
  • Shipping
  • Customer questions
  • How we treat our customers

We have worked hard and long to make this art print business successful. It wasn't an overnight success, but it was well-received from the beginning. That first sale was exciting enough to keep on painting.

Please follow along with these blog posts to see how we made it work. We believe you can start a business like ours and enjoy an increase in income as well as a work-from-home business where you can be your own boss. It's the best!

P.S. Since you're reading this on our website, it's obvious that we were able to open a Shopify store. This gives us the ability to blog and sell our book.

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